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Project Cafe 1.0.5091.30273

Keep track of project progress, manage clients and allocate task to team members with our simple project manager software

Multiple Projects Tracking Tool equipped with Gantt Chart functionality to track progress of projects and internal tasks.


1, Project can be divided into multiple-level sub-tasks for effective management and control.

2. Dashboard can be used to handle daily task of project management process.

3. Proper classified interfaces for quick accession of options to manage projects.

4. The software gives report of the projects or tasks that have not been completed under preset deadline.

5. Along with project and tasks status, Project Cafe also gives status of a team member in concern with the project assigned to him/her. This would help in performance evaluation from project manager's side.

6. Software automatically checks all the dependencies of time being set for project and its respective tasks so that deadline of no task should exceed the deadline of the complete project.

7. Information about available human resource.


1. Interactive Dashboard for controlling projects.

2. Automatic generation of Gantt Charts which displays the deadline of each created project, task and sub-tasks.

3. Window based software which works on standalone system, thus, keeping all data related to your crucial projects safe on your own system’s disk drive.

4. You can add details about all the projects, clients and team members who will work on the assigned projects.

5. Hierarchy of project is maintained (as a tree-like structure) by dividing project into tasks and further, each individual task into its sub-task and so on.

6. Option to save important URLs as bookmark for future references.

7. Feature to configure your own Email ID which can be used to send email notifications to team member everytime a task is allocated to him/her.

8. Update status of task as percentage of its completion from dashboard.

9. Graphical reports of status of projects, tasks, sub-tasks and team members working on tasks.

10. Learn how to use system with the help demo data.

11. Get notifications about the delay in project’s deadline.

12. Inbuilt help center to help you with your queries about using Project Café.

13. Automatic Version update for the software.

14. Install newer version of Project Café without losing your previous data about projects.

15. Use 30 Day free trial version of Project Cafe, before actually buying it.

Project Cafe


Project Cafe 1.0.5091.30273

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